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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a revolutionary system of table-based assisted stretching that focuses on the fascia in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance, and pain relief.

Fascia is a three-dimensional web of tissue that permeates and envelops all structures within the body. It extends from head to toe, front to back, without interruption, and is THE most influential factor affecting your flexibility.



  • 47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joint capsule

  • 42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia

  • Stretching can reduce or eliminate tight muscles

  • Stretching can reduce or eliminate stiff joints

  • Stretching improves your circulation

  • Stretching makes you feel and look younger

  • Stretching makes you stronger

  • Stretching makes you taller

  • Stretching can reduce pain

  • Assisted stretching works much better than self-stretching

Effects of Untreated Fascia

  • Decreased joint space leading to degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis

  • Increased muscle tone can lead to trigger points, strains, tears, and tendonitis

  • Increased nervous system tone can lead to trigger points, muscle tightness, and headaches

  • Increased scar tissue formation

  • Decreased blood flow, decreased energy, increased fatigue

Features of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

  • Manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns, and reorganizes your fascia

  • Pain-free

  • Increases joint space

  • Eliminates trigger points

  • Improves muscle activation and relaxation

  • Improves flexibility with the first session and becomes cumulative with multiple sessions

Benefits of FST

  • Improved posture and functional ability

  • No pain, allowing you to enjoy a life of quality

  • Restoration of normal joint space

  • Noted difference in sports performance

  • Reduces injury risk

Improve Your Total Wellness with Total Stretch

  • With the proper amount of tension, fascia helps support the alignment of your bones while being elastic enough to permit full, unrestricted movement

  • Fascia will shorten, thicken, and tighten because of

              Aging               Poor posture                Overtraining

              Dehydration      Lack of exercise            Emotional stress

              Surgery            Injury                           Repetitive motion

              Disease            Poor body mechanics    

  • NO medication can improve your fascia and NO supplement can optimize your fascia

  • Healthy circulation in your muscles, joints, arteries, veins, brain, and spinal cord is largely dependent on your fascia’s optimal flexibility

  • Exercise alone cannot optimally balance, align, or improve fascia

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