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At Total Stretch and Wellness, we work in a variety of ways to empower our clients through personalized wellness plans. Our fitness and nutrition plans are used in a way that allows clients to be comfortable and enjoy the process of reaching better overall wellness. Our plans include services such as:

  • Personal Training

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • Movement Therapy

  • Cool Restore

  • Red Light Near Infrared Laser and Therapy Bed

We work with world-class athletes, people looking for a fresh start, and everyone in between. So, whether you are in the middle of a life-long wellness journey or just starting to forge your path ­– we invite you to let us help you on your way!


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Performed by Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist 

  • Express Stretch (30 Minutes)       $45

  • Single Session (1 Hour)              $85

  • Package of 5 Sessions*              $400

  • Package of 10 Sessions*            $750

​*5 session package expires after 6 months​​

*10 session package expires after 1 year

Personal Training

  • Express Training (30 Minutes)      $40

  • Single Session (1 Hour)              $50

  • Package of 8 Express Training    $288

  • Package of 8 Sessions               $360

***Ask about Special Family and Team Packages

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